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16 Apr 2008

Inequalities in Modern Society

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Sociology

Why are modern societies characterized by social, political and economical inequalities? In other words, why do modern societies arrange people in hierarchies of inequality based on wealth, status, power, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age and physical and mental abilities? ...

04 Apr 2008

Living in a Virtual World

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Sociology

If you wanted to meet new people in 1907, you had to go out into the world and talk to them, face to face. This severely limited the geographical size of most people's social worlds as those worlds were limited by how far you could travel. Meeting people was much the same in 1957 as it was in...

06 Sep 2007

Cell Phones: Dangers When Driving

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Sociology

Not since the invention of cigarettes has anything been so trendy, and not since the mixture of alcohol and driving an automobile has anything been so dangerous—until the invention of the cell phone. With more than 200 million cellular telephone users in the United States alone, it is more...

06 Sep 2007

Social Learning Theory and the Youth Gang Epidemic

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Sociology

The existence of youth gangs is evident in large and small cities throughout America, and more often than not, delinquency and crime are associated with those gangs. Robert L. Akers and Robert L. Burgess developed the widely-accepted social learning theory in the 1960s, and that theory can be...

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