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There are four things that I as a store manager would immediately act upon. The first being ?A customer complaint regarding product quality.? I believe that in order to maintain a store, the store needs to have a high customer satisfaction rate. One unhappy customer can change how others feel about doing business with your store. To counteract the customer complaint I would step in to see if there is anything that I could do to change the customer's opinion about our store. This is called customer complaint resolution. The second thing I would immediately act on would be ?Bids from three companies responding to requests for bids on a cash register system (each store chooses its own).?

I feel that as the store manager I would have to step up to the plate and make the decisions that would directly affect the store. The third choice for me as a store manager would be ?A notice from the fire department of an impending inspection.? I feel that the store manager should the main person in charge of maintaining the safety of a stores location. The last issue I would as store manager immediately act on would be ?A note that the rest room is out of order.? According to standards from OSHA, a working toilet is a must. As store manager I would see that the problem in the restroom would be fixed as quickly as humanly possible.

[...] The work they choose to pass along directly reflects their own work ethic. Resources Used: Rue, L. W., & Byars, L. L. (2004). Supervision: Key link to productivity (8th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. [...]

[...] I feel allowing them to find the items in the catalogs and then show the picks to me would the best route to take. The items can only be purchased after I the store managers okay the shipment. My shift supervisors should be my right-hand men and women. I should be able to give them a task that they can handle with ease. If however, they wish to delegate that task to a salesperson, I would be able to trust that the task will be completed in a timely fashion. [...]

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