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Case study: Targeting tattoos

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  1. Introduction
  2. History of tattoos
  3. Betty Broadbent - The Tattooed Venus
  4. The supreme court and tattoos
  5. Conclusion

A tattoo is the placement of pigment within the skin to create a picture or design. The process of tattooing is produced by deep puncture wounds in one's skin. ?[T]he ink is injected into the dermis, which is the second, deeper layer of skin. Dermis cells are very stable, so the tattoo is practically permanent? (Van Vranken, MD, 2009). Tattooing is a form of body art, as the skin is the artist's living canvas. ?Tattoos range from the hidden piece of artwork for private viewing and reflection, to the flaunted accessory that will be on display for the collector's lifetime. They [tattoos] are literal, tangible markers of time on the body [sic]? (Clarkson, Fenrick, and Merrill e.d. 2008).

In 1891, Chatham Square in New York City; the American style tattoo was born. Up until this time tattooing was a ?slow and painstaking procedure? (Clarkson, Fenrick, and Merrill e.d. 2008) as each puncture that would insert the pigment of ink within the skin was meticulously done by hand. During the days of hand done tattooing, ?[t]he usual set-up for a tattooer [sic] at the time was to rent a space in the back of a barber shop, putting the flash in the window up front? (McCabe, 2005). An Irish immigrate, Samuel O'Reilly, migrates to New York City around 1875. By 1891, O'Reilly has been dubbed the father of this style of tattooing after making adjustments to Thomas Edison's electric pen to create the "Electric Engraving Pen" (McCabe, 2005). The ?Electric Engraving Pen? is known better today as the electric tattoo machine.

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