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Criminal justice trends evaluation

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  1. Internet crimes
  2. Cyber bullying and the devastation it bares
  3. Forgotten safety
  4. How can we be protected?
  5. Can the law protect us?
  6. Closing arguments

E-scams, child pornography, identity theft, cyber stalking and bullying, spamming, Malware, fraud, and computer hacking are types of internet crimes. These crimes are certainly on the rise. The general public relies heavily on technology, resorting to pen and paper is just so primitive; all of our information is uploaded, downloaded, and saved on computer systems. Most work is done with the use of computers; when the computers go down is compromises the work itself because employees were simply not trained to handle a situation of such decaying fortitude.

In January of 2010, a story made national headlines as a 15 year old girl named Phoebe Prince hung herself as a direct result of cyber bullying she endured. Phoebe Prince was a very beautiful young high school Sophomore. What lit the match for the ?Mean girls of Hadley High School'? Phoebe Prince's crime against her fellow female schoolmates: ?briefly dating a popular senior football player in her first freshman weeks at the school? (Kennedy, 2010) Her punishment for being a traitor was constant hazing in the school hallways, on social networking sites such as: Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, and Formspring, and one girl went as fair as throwing a unopened can of Red Bull at Prince. The worsening torment became too much for Prince and on January 24, 2010 she ended up taking her own life. The tormentors did not stop there, [h]er tormentors posted vicious comments on the dead girl's Facebook memorial page? (Kennedy, 2010).

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