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Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor

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  1. Introduction
  2. Media policy draft
  3. Joan casey's response
  4. Casey chooses to discuss fellow officer's recommendation
  5. Right or wrong?
  6. A promising outcome

Recently, a few high-profile cases involving sentencing recommendations from probation officers within the Collier County Probation Department have brought some bad press to the department. According to the public's perception via the media, the department is not as tough on sentencing sanctions as it could be. In the event that the current chief probation officer, John Brown, is on annual leave, Joan Casey will need to address the publics and media's concern regarding the case of a young man convicted of murder after years of physical and mental abuse. The media is threatening to reveal less than favorable press of the probation department and the decision in relation to intermediate sanctions for the young man involved.

As Joan Casey is essentially in charge although Chief Brown is on leave, she must use her discretion, along with the probation department's policy concerning media relations. To reinforce her probation officer's findings in regard to this case will be a pivotal point in public relations with the community and the media. Justification of the intermediate sanctions must be clear and concise if Joan Casey is to retain the respect of the community, media members, and the probation department. How she resolves this matter will be essential to the trust, communication, and credibility of not only herself, but also the entire probation department for Collier County.

[...] Casey is now a supervisor for the probation department. She oversees eight probation officers. Her department is in charge of eighty adult offenders who are serving or preparing to serve their probationary terms. The Collier Probation Department and the department's chief, Jack Brown, have been recently slandered in the local paper. The papers claim that the department is too lenient on their offenders; scoring front page of the paper with headlines that read ?Collier County Soft on Crime!? (Peak 2010, pg para. I). [...]

[...] Chief Brown is more than furious with the bad publicity; he takes a much needed vacation leaving Casey in charge. Before he leaves he tells Casey he wants to see better Presentencing Investigations (PSI's) heads will roll? (Peak pg para. I). Casey receives a call from a local news reporter asking for her to comment on potential disposition on a case involving a young man who committed murder. The case is of 23-year-old man who murdered his stepfather with a knife after suffering many years of physical and mental abuse. [...]

[...] And for this she should fallow those regulations and rule. A Promising Outcome As laid out in facts brought out by the trial, the offender should receive a light sentence. Probation would be the most promising choice for the offender, who was victimized himself. The offender is an abuse survivor; his abuse began at the age of 5 and ended when the offender ended his abuser's life. It is important to take into consideration the offender's history of abuse when considering a criminal sentence. [...]

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