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A world apart

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  1. Strong similarities in the judiciary and grave differences in corrections
  2. American prisons
  3. Mexican prisons
  4. A separation of the two

Offenders are placed in prisons when their sentenced to be incarcerated for a year or more and only then. Even still America's prisons are extremely overcrowded. ?Since 1980, America's prison population has more than tripled, creeping up to the two million mark. The number of females in prison has quadrupled.? (Patel and McMurray, n.d.) American's understand the importance for inmate's safety. Therefore America has created prisons specifically for men and those exclusively for women. There are six types if prisons in America. The first and the highest level of security is the super max. Super max prisons house the most violent offenders and make up 20 percent of the prison population. All offenders in super max prisons are on permanent lock down.

The next type of prison is Maximum-security prisons, which holds about 12 percent of the state's prison population. The third type of prison is Close-high-security prisons. ?In some states, these are considered a kind of maximum security, though the security measures are less restrictive and the ratio of inmates to guards may be higher. About 16 percent of state inmates are held in this classification.? (Foster, 2003) The fourth type is Medium-security prisons. This type of prison has the highest amount of offenders as it houses 35 percent of the state's prison population. The fifth type of prison is Minimum-security prisons. This type of prison houses 31 percent of the state's prison population.

[...] The American prison system understands that all men and women are created equal regardless of their outward appearance, background, and finances. Yes, in American corrections men and women are housed separately, but this is simply for their personal safety. Mexican prisons do not have the same consideration for their inmates as American prison systems do. It is a harsh reality that holds all too true to those on the inside. Sources Used: Foster, B. (2006). Corrections: the fundamentals. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Patel, Roopal and Peter McMurray. [...]

[...] Prison officials have not received proper education or training and see nothing wrong with unnecessary force and the abuse of inmates. Is ignorance really bliss? Civil rights of the individual inmates are abused daily. Bribery rains throughout the prison walls. Those with money may bribe the prison officials for better housing arraignments, clothing, and food. Drug ?cartel leaders had a history of easily buying-off prison guards and officials so that they could have access to cell phones, prostitutes, fine meals, plasma TVs, and various narcotics.? (Starke, 2006) The Mexican prison system has become big business for the State's government. [...]

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