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Finnish administrative law: the administrative procedure in Finland from a French perspective

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  1. The procedure before the hearing
    1. The requirements for the claim to be accepted and processed
    2. The participants' rights and duties
    3. The examination of the case
  2. The administrative decision-making: the outcome of the procedure
    1. The presentation of the case before the authority
    2. The formal requirements of an administrative decision
    3. The possibility to seek for rectification

Finland has its own administrative judicial system. After the first decision by an administrative authority, the citizens can appeal to an administrative court system. It is composed of nine provincial administrative authorities, representing the first level of jurisdiction. Then, the top jurisdiction, before which the appeal is made, is the Supreme administrative authority. Besides that, some special administrative authorities exist, with special courts on precise issues (i.e. Insurance, Market). As seen in administrative judicial systems, the right to claim before the authority is granted to the citizens, depending on their relations with the administration of the country. As a consequence, the cases involve state administrations, agents or companies in their daily activities and decisions. Therefore, this is also a way to control the actions of the administration. However, logically the right to claim belongs to the citizens, as well as it belongs to any public authority in its links with another one.

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