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Agriculture and the Land Reform Policy in Latin America

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  1. Basic conditions
  2. Market structure
    1. Market
    2. The strategies
    3. Government Policy
  3. Behavior
  4. Performance and policy
  5. Conclusion

Latin America was integrated into World Trade as it had been a major supplier of agricultual products. Today, the agriculture sector in Latin America has become very uneven. Many uneven agrarian structures were developed to bring in Foreign Exchange, thus leading to development. However, this was not completely successful due to the problems associated with land distribution. Enormous tracts of land are in very few hands, and the laborers working on them are no better than serfs. This led to millions of small farmers being left out and they stayed on the road to development without being able to move either way. This situation led to the land reform policy, but it was to no avail. The program of land distribution has only been partially completed. If we look at the situation today, redistribution of land still remains an unsolved problem. This agricultural malaise in turn has been fueling the social crisis in the cities, where majority of the Latin American population live.

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