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Book Summary-Revolutionary War of America

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  1. Introduction
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The setting of the story is the Revolutionary War of America that took place in the late1700s. The book tells about women's contribution and how the war affected them. Berkin expresses a deep admiration for women in these hard times by describing their priceless contributions. The characters include Esther Reed, who organized a fund raiser for the Continental Army in Philadelphia and Catherine Greene, who endured trying times in the Valley Forge to support her husband, General Nathanael Greene. The book does not only illuminate English and American mothers but also acknowledges the contribution of Indian and African-American women.

For example, Molly Brant, an Indian woman, was a British supporter who delegated some negotiations during the war. Another woman, who wins a place in the female pantheon, is Martha Washington. This character made long trips every year to be with her husband, General Nathanael Greene. Finally, there's the unforgettable Fredericka von Riedesel who was the wife of a Hessian general. This woman amply made herself available at her husband's side at the battle of Saratoga. They would be captured and forced to travel long distances with her husband and small children(Berkin, 2006).

[...] Reaction Statement The American Revolution left a lot of death trails, orphans, widows, weeping mothers and economic turmoil in its path. It also caused a lot of emotional and physical scarring not to mention relocated African Americans and Indians fearful of losing their land. These, however, were not its only legacies. On a personal note, the war also brought out the unique and priceless qualities women have in improving human welfare. Abigail Adams wrote to her husband, ?Remember the ladies. [...]

[...] Book analysis Carol Berkin skillfully puts the Revolutionary War women in the limelight through their own views and eyes. She steps back from the monotony of the male personalities being the only recognized heroes in the struggle for independence. In addition to this, she helps dispel the notion that women only played a role of taking care of the homes. Women in the medieval times possessed very little privileges in the society. For example, no woman, no matter her social class, could own any property even when her husband died. [...]

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