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International business laws, fictive case

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  1. Company's status
    1. Presentation
    2. Start-up status
  2. International contract
    1. Situation
    2. International contract make up
  3. Patent and Intellectual Property
    1. Situation
    2. Trademark
    3. Industrial property International Contract
    4. Intellectual property
  4. Competition
    1. Situation
    2. Competition law
  5. International arbitrary and Bribery
    1. Situation
    2. Bribery
  6. IPO
    1. Situation
    2. Law

In the report, we should keep in mind the future international development of PI and its necessary entry in stock exchange. Considering the data, we could say that PI has to penetrate the international market by considering different laws and juridictions. Even if the KU is a corrupted country, PI has to view long-term goals and make strategic choices which will enable the company to penetrate european market. The objective of this report is to provide legal advises to the Peach International company. With this objective in perspective, its is essential to know that the Kingdom of Utopiais is governed by the EU regulations.

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