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  1. Introduction
  2. The Business essay
  3. Larry Page
  4. The greatest strength of Larry
  5. Politics and power
  6. Conclusion

The Business essay will be focusing on Larry Page, the CEO Google. Larry was born in March 26, 1973 in the America. Page is a computer scientist from the University of Stanford in Palo Alto and an American business magnate who together with Sergey Brin founded Google. Page became the CEO Google on April 4th, 2011 after succeeding the chief executive who was Eric Schmidt (Flammang, 2012). Together with Brin, they own more than 16% of stock in Google. An estimation of his wealth is said to be about $32.4 billion. In addition, he in a great investor in automobile owning the Tesla motors and other companies dealing with renewable technology. He has received numerous awards and recognition due to his leadership strategies and techniques. Having such a wealth, he is ranked at position nineteen in the Billionaire list by Forbes. Lastly, page is a married to Southworth and a father of two. He is a renowned businessman and a leader by character (Page, 2012).

Larry page is a hard working leader, by providing the best environment for his employees and Google. His unique leadership styles make him standout as the best leader who achieves the company's goals and objectives leaving his employees satisfied and happy. Larry is very innovative, he works tirelessly to ensure Google changes for the better. He is recognized as a democratic leader, and this makes him a great leader (Page, 2012). He believes in his employees and appreciate the work done by them. In his leadership, he acknowledges proactive decision making channels. For instance, to make the decision process very active and fast, he requests to offer a 60 word pitches or updates on the current projects being worked on to ensure that he gets involved, and the employees feel part of a bigger decision making team (Lowe,2012).

[...] Larry is seen as less focused leader. For instance, when the former CEO Eric Schmidt called for an agent meeting, Larry Page and his partner Brin would be observed concentrating on other issues apart from the meeting agenda. The former CEO had to keep redirecting the meeting agenda once again. In addition, he never acts like other CEO's; he has lowered interest regarding his organization processes. Larry is seen as less or no disciplined leader. He performs tasks according to his own thoughts and never keeps time as far as meetings are concerned. [...]

[...] Furthermore, the organization values associated by Larry includes open mindedness and global acceptance of ideas and contribution. The organization values have encouraged and empowered the employees by giving them a chance to develop their career. Variously, Larry ensures commitment and constant communication from the top to bottom and vice versa. His approach have helped employee inclusivity and integration in policy management and Organization value improvement. The values owned by Larry page have played a significant role in making Google the best today (Page, 2012). [...]

[...] In addition, Larry page is considered an introvert. He includes and listens to other people's creative and knowledgeable ideas and puts them into action. In the management, introverts are recognized and attributed as the greatest leaders who are capable of promoting proactive employees. His style has led to constant communication and idea sharing between the workers eventually working to the greatness of google as a company. Larry has achieved a lot of creative ideas from the employees and friends developing his knowledge bank and improving google performance in total (Page, 2012). [...]

[...] Page, L., Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), Films Media Group. & TED Conferences LLC. (2012). TEDTalks: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Inside the Google Machine. New York, N.Y: Films Media Group Lowe, J. (2012). Google speaks: Secrets of the world's greatest billionaire entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. [...]

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