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Trade Theories

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  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis
    1. Lack of Resources
    2. Seasonal Production
    3. Stiff Competition
  3. Strategies to Overcome Environmental Issues in Trade
  4. Conclusion

manufactures to customer, is important because it provide end users with their basic needs. For the process of trading to be effective, various factors such as environment factors that affect the process need to be considered. Some of these effects have great negative impacts to businesses and the international market. Therefore, it is advisable for business leaders to come up with proper strategies, which are based of the available theories of trade in order to be in the position of overcoming these environmental factors (Zhang, 2008). For instance, some of the developed countries such as United States that have better economic growth rate but are still affected by various factors, which affects their productivity. Moreover, there is need for various proper strategies to be developed towards solving the existing problems that affect the process of trading.

Based on the available information such as the Porter Diamond, various theories of trade and other information that are related to environmental issues that affect trade, the research paper provide information on the environmental issues and some of the strategies that will solve the problems especially for the United States.

United State being one of the developed countries in the world that have better economic growth, it attract various business operations and business investors that them to have better position in the international market (Stark, 2011). The process of better performances within the country are triggered by various factors such as proper rules and regulations that governs the operation of various businesses in the region, production of genuine goods and services to their clients and free movement of trades for various business organizations. Although the country has various advantages on trade, there are various environmental factors that affect their trading, which in turn affect their sales.

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