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Cool Phone's Case Analysis

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  1. The assignment
  2. Three situations
  3. The recommendations for each case

This study involves a scenario where you are the vice-president of a 75-person company ("Company") in the fictional French-speaking country of Euphoria, whose capital is Anytown, whose legal system closely resembles that of France's, and which is party to the CISG. The company designs and sells a newly-invented mobile phone, the CoolPhone, that can be worn on the user's wrist by means of an ordinary watch strap (and that uses a wireless earpiece). One of your managers, Eunice, having learned that you studied International Business Law at ISEG, asks you to help her handle the following three situations.
In the situation presented, we have a regular client who complains about delivery delays, and who wants to be compensated for that. It also appears that some goods were delivered in a damaged state. Moreover a client from our buyer threatened a lawsuit for a default in the Coolphone. Our buyer wants to pay 30/unit instead of the 40/unit initially proposed. What are the steps you will take to address this situation?

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