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International Business Law

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  1. Situation N 1
    1. Quick overview of the case
    2. The delay of the goods and the damages
    3. The threat of a lawsuit
  2. Situation N 2
    1. Quick overview of the case
    2. The SmallCo issue
    3. How to deal with Annette and Brenda
  3. Situation N 3
    1. Quick overview of the case
    2. The tax issue and the business structure in the U.S
    3. The Chinese manufacturer: how to negotiate
    4. The bill of the lawyer

A buyer, who had previously ordered phones from a Company, recently ordered a batch of 2,500 phones from it at the price of 40/unit, for a total of 100,000, plus a fixed 500 shipping charge, for delivery to "CIF Miami." At the Buyer's request, the phones have the Buyer's logo printed on the back. The Company had some delays in fulfilling the order, and now Buyer refuses to pay more than 30/unit, claiming that the phones not only arrived late but also appeared to be damaged by moisture from the ship's hull. The Buyer returned them to the Company (at Buyer's expense) within a day of taking delivery. The Buyer is also demanding payment from the Company as compensation as it says that it had to pay to a customer who bought the Company's phone, and threatened a lawsuit after the phone caused him to crash his car, which he had argued was the result of the phone's interference with the car's GPS system.

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