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International Business Law: Three cases

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  1. Situation 1
    1. Contracts
    2. Incoterm
    3. Tort
  2. Situation 2
    1. Agency
    2. Partnership
    3. Employment
  3. Situation 3
    1. Form of business organizations
    2. Patent
    3. Dispute resolution
    4. Hiring a lawyer

This paper talks about a buyer, located in Miami, who ordered 2,500 cell-phones from company for a total amount of $150,000 (including the shipping charge). But there were several problems with this order: the order was delayed and the phones were damaged by moisture during shipping. One of the customers is threatening the buyer company with a lawsuit because the "CoolPhone" caused him a car accident due to the interference. The second case is about an employee, Annette, of a company, who signed a contract with a very small corporate customer "SmallCo" that provided to acquire all the stock of SmallCo. SmallCo is holding company liable for the payments. Also, Brenda, who has been interviewed by company to be a sales representative; she wants to work from her home. Eunice wants to fire Annette and hire Brenda, but he is scared that Annette will work for the competition and steal his clients. The third case talks about company that wants to form an entity to sell its phones in the United States, and at the same time it is looking for a Chinese manufacturer. It is scared that the Chinese will copy its phones. The Chinese company sends Company a proposed manufacturing agreement that does not stipulate a clause concerning dispute resolution and Company calls upon a lawyer to help with these matters.

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