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Micro-contact printing for immobilization of DNA on surfaces

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  1. DNA microarrays
  2. Related work
  3. Approach and experiments
    1. Choice of materials
    2. Experiments
  4. DNA biochips
    1. DNA inking and printing
    2. DNA analysis

The growing interest in DNA biochips for rapid detection of diseases, infections, genetic contaminations, and hereditary illnesses necessitates the understanding of how DNA macromolecules may be immobilized on surfaces with high density, reproducibility and precision. These are the reasons why this project is focusing on developing a micro-contact printing process for DNA biochip applications. The aim of this research project is to use a soft-lithography technique also called Micro-Contact-Printing to arrange DNA oligonucleotides on surfaces in order to develop DNA biochip applications. The idea of the method consists of using an elastomeric stamp to transfer molecular ink onto surfaces. This method has been demonstrated as a more cost effective technique than the commonly used spotting technology and allows an increased surface density.

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