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Business ethics and social responsibility

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  1. Introduction
  2. Government's role in environmental protection
  3. The Jefferson County Courthouse
    1. Safety, health and environmental policy statement
    2. Justification for this policy
    3. To who this policy applies
    4. Implementation of the policy
    5. Who is responsible for implementing this policy
    6. Evaluation of the policy
    7. Guidelines for this policy
  4. References

Government's role in environmental protection is to establish standards and set regulations on environmental protection and enforce those standards in a method that is unbiased, and according to the guidelines of environmental integrity. Federal policy, first must achieve harmony between the environment and humans by implementing renewable energy, waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, and water conservation. The government must produce policies that put limits on pollutants which are harmful to the environment, such as CO2. Due to increased fears of global warming and the loss of biodiversity the government's role in protecting the environment should be to intervene with government funding of alternative energy systems and purchasing biodiversity hotspots across the globe.

[...] Investors and consumers must play a role in environmental protection by reacting to climate risks and persuading companies to reduce their carbon output. Consumers must make educated, informed decision where to shop. Consumers must choose to support companies that use sound environmental approaches and denounce products and services detrimental to their local environment. THE JEFFERSON COUNTY COURTHOUSE SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY STATEMENT The Jefferson county courthouse is dedicated to organizing health, safety and environmental affairs as an essential part of this Courthouses functionality. [...]

[...] We will strive to diminish carbon emissions released to the air, water, and land through use of cleaner technologies and the safer biodegradable cleaning supplies used in our facility. We will lessen the quantity and toxicity of waste produced in our courthouse and will guarantee the safer handling and disposal of waste produced in our courtrooms. We will distribute limited resources, such as water, paper, and energy in an environmentally responsible way such as in recycling and turning off unused utilities throughout the building when not in use. [...]

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