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Biological Nutrient Removal Theories and Design

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  1. Life
    1. Matter: H, O, C, N, P, S and minor elements
    2. Energy
  2. Photo-synthetic autotrophs
  3. Heterotrophs
  4. Chemotrophs/Phosphorus Removing Mechanism
  5. Redox reaction
  6. Aerobic condition
  7. Anoxic condition
  8. Anaerobic condition
  9. COD/VSS [²COD(bac)/²Xa], fcv
  10. Empirical stoichiometric formulation/Subdivision of Influent COD
  11. Biodegradable & unbiodegradable fractions
  12. Determination of Readily Biodegradable Soluble COD (Sbsi)
  13. Flocculation method
  14. Effects of Waste Characteristics on Design
  15. Sludge Production

Flocculation Method: Add 1 ml of 100 g/l zinc sulfate solution to a 100 ml waste water sample and mix vigorously with a magnetic stirrer for 1 minute. Adjust the pH to approximately 10.5 with a 6 M sodium hydroxide solution. Settle quiescently for a few minutes. Withdraw the clear supernatant with a pipette and pass through a 0.45 µm membrane filter. Measure the COD on the filtrate.

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