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Contracts in France, Germany and England

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  1. Contracts in French Law
    1. The autonomy of the will: the principle of the ?consensualisme?
    2. Corrections made to the contract law
  2. Contracts in German Law
    1. The German contract: the declaration of will
    2. Execution of the contracts and the control of the judge
  3. Contracts in English Law
    1. Formation of the contract
    2. The exclusion of the effects with regard to the thirds
    3. Dispute of the contract

The contract law assumes great significance because it touches all the activities of the society. The economic evolutions, the social evolutions and the political evolutions are as many factors, which enabled the evolution of the law. The great European legal models have their own system of operation. The French law, the English law and the German law are the three examples chosen in this study, because they are the legal representation of the three most powerful nations of the European Union (EU).
The EU has tried for sixty years to unify the law in its territory. However, the contracts are not aimed by the provisions taken by EU, because their mechanisms result directly from the legal system of the States. As we live today in a world of exchange between the nations, the need for knowledge of the various approaches of the close countries is of primary importance. This paper answers some pertinent questions like: Which are the great important points of the contract law in the three countries leaders in Europe? What are the common points and differences of these principles? We will analyze these in this study that covers the contractual systems of England, Germany and France.

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