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Homosexuality and the Law in Canada

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  1. Introduction
  2. Public discrimination towards gays and lesbians
  3. Punishment for homosexuality according to the English common law first
  4. Persecuting homosexuals
  5. Legalizing same sex marriage
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Authority has always discriminated and has been prejudiced towards several different categories of people. Whether it's ethnic group, gender, size, or sexual orientation there has been a history of unfair treatment. The world has come a long way into adapting and accepting the multicultural boom happening everywhere. Canada is trying very hard to please everyone in being fair to everyone, but it has not always been that way. Since the beginning of written human behavior, there has been homosexuality. The strongest sign of acceptance began in ancient Greece and Rome, before the 6th century. It is also a problematic term, as there is no word or phrase in Latin or Ancient Greek that has the exact same meaning as the modern concept of homosexuality.

[...] A hate crime that actually took place in Canada would be the Aaron Webster case that happened in Vancouver, British Columbia. On November 17th Aaron Webster was found beaten to death by baseball bats near a park. This incident inspired many rallies and raised awareness. The crime had gone on unsolved for over a year. The first of four suspects had pleaded guilty. He was 17 when the crime took place therefore his name was not published due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. [...]

[...] With the evolution of the world, and when the more primitive, not as industrial countries begin to advance I believe they too will accept homosexuals more in society like Canada does today. Even though there are still people who show aggression and repulsion towards gays. The progress the world has been making into adapting other religions, life styles and habits has been gradual but evident. I think the evolution in homosexuality will be relatively soon, where it is completely accepted into society and seen as normal and common as heterosexual orientation. [...]

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