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Legal aspects of the law and legislations

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  1. Consent, restraint, assault & battery
  2. Duty of care, negligence and vicarious liability
  3. Advocacy
  4. The coroner
  5. Open disclosure
  6. Using a decision making model for ethical dilemmas "The Power to Influence Patient Care"

The purpose of this essay is to analyse a case scenario at the Sunnyland Day Respite Center with focus being on the legal aspects of the law and legislations. The paper will analyse the various aspects of the law in relation to the case that resulted in the unnecessary death of the patient. In addition to that, the various ethical issues will also be determined. Finally, it will explore the implications that these ethical and legal issues may have on the enrolled nurse, registered nurse and the family of the patient.

[...] The health care practitioner's power is essential to the nurse's understanding and experience. There is no other approach for the esteem that is made by a nurse who gives steady, exceptional, complete care. Practice is power that attributestoa character for excellence. Consistence by nurses who reads current professional concepts and distributes evidence- based on the findings with team members so as to advance their nursing understanding and skills, reinforces the practice and impacts the actions of others, hence improving patient care. [...]

[...] The law and the local fairness of care practice: reflections on the ethnographic field investigation concerning the failure of the Bopz Act in psychogeriatricnursing home care. TijdschriftvoorGerontologie en Geriatrie 46?54 [in Dutch] Idvall E. & Ehrenberg A. (2002).Nursing documentation of postoperative pain management.Journal of Clinical Nursing 11, 734?742. Larson, A. (2003).Assault and Batterly.Received from Karkkainen O. & Eriksson K. (2003). Evaluation of patient records aspart of developing a nursing care classification. Journal of ClinicalNursing 12, 198?205. Niemeijer, A. R., Frederiks, B. J. N., Riphagen, I. [...]

[...] Ethical and practical concerns of surveillance technologies in residential care for people withdementia or intellectual disabilities: an overview of the literature. International Psychogeriatrics 1129?1142. Parker, F., (Nov 2007) Ethics Column: "The Power of One" OJIN: Online Journal of Issue in Nursing. Vol No Tysall, A.(2012).Open Disclosure.National Guidelines.Communicating with service usersand their families following adverseevents in healthcare. Retrieved from sure/opendiscFiles/opdiscnationalguidelines2013.pdf University Alliance (2014).Nurses Advocating for Patients. Retrieved from patients/ Urquhart C., Currell R., Grant M.J. &Hardiker N.R. (2009).Nursing record systems: effects on nursing practice and healthcareoutcomes. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 1?66. [...]

[...] &Clor, T. (2001). Development and evaluation of a moraldistress scale. Journal of Advanced Nursing 250?256. Engberg, J., Castle, N. G. & McCaffrey, D. (2008).Physical restraint initiation in nursing homes andsubsequent resident health. Gerontologist 442?452. Hertogh, C. The, A. M. &Eefsting, J. (2004). [...]

[...] In general, the nurse should see the patient to evaluate health needs and determine the level of care required. References American Nurses Association (2001).Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements. Washington, DC: ANA. Austin, W., Lemermeyer, G., Goldberg, L., Bergum, V. & Johnson, M. S. (2005). Moral distress inhealthcare practice: the situation of nurses. HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum 33?48. Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (2003).Open disclosure Healthcare Professionals Handbook, page 3. British Columbia Coroner Service (2012).The Role of a Coroner in B.C.Retrieved from Corley, M. C., Elswick, R. K., Gorman, M. [...]

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