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Conflict of laws, Exequature

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  1. Introduction
  2. Exequatur and its procedure
    1. Qualification of exequatur
    2. Exequatur linked with public order
  3. Procedure
    1. The competence of judge
    2. The admissiblity to the claim
    3. The litigation
  4. The resolution of judgment
    1. The qualification of disproportionate damages: a strict interpretation?
    2. A relaxing interpretation compared to the previous jurisprudence
    3. Going further
  5. Conclusion

Article 2412 of the civil code Difference between ?exequatur? and ?enforcement? even if it's the same etymology. Exequatur: suspensive effect CJCE, Deutsche Genossenschaft vs Soc. Brasserie du Pêcheur, 2 July 1985. CJCE, Hoffmann c. Krieg, 4 February 1988. The exequatur differs from the notion of on-call duty. CC, 27 June 1994. It can control the conformity exequatur with international public order ?fori?. Lex fori: applicable law of the place where a court has been referred. Relative effect: give more easily the exequatur at the foreign adjudication Exception: if there is a close link with France, the exequatur isn't given easily.

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