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The right to die

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The Right to die is one of the most debated about issues all over the world. It raises philosophical, religious, psychological and legal issues.

Earlier, euthanasia was associated with a different story, it meant an easy death with no suffering but in the later years it has been misused.
For centuries, France has always been that part of the team that denies its people of the Right to die but recent legislative changes have resulted in a situation where the prohibition of euthanasia is not so absolute.

The prohibition of active euthanasia: This movement was initiated in June of 1999. The movement ensured that access to palliative care was continued by the Act that came into force on of March 4, 2002 and the Act of April 22, 2005. The latter statute does not make a break with earlier texts, the rule that prohibits the use of active euthanasia remains.
The code of public health in Article R4127-38 provides that the physician has no right to deliberately cause death.

Opponents of euthanasia deny that there is a difference between active and passive euthanasia but the rule in France prohibits the use of active euthanasia. The European Court of Human Rights has also rejected "any possibility of assisted suicide, arguing that even if being forced to live in degrading conditions violated the right to privacy, the latter right could be subject to limitations when if it came to pursue legitimate and proportionate aims .

Tags - Eight to privacy, euthanasia, Article R4127 -38 code of Public health

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