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The Whistleblowers Protection under US Law

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  1. The legal protection of whistleblowers
  2. The difficulty of this kind of legislation

It is important to understand what whistleblower means. According to the dictonary - "A whistleblower is a person who alleges misconduct". Whistleblowers may report the misconduct to the lawyers, the media or state or federal agencies. In France everyone knows that this process can be extremely dangerous for the both parties. It is dangerous for the whistleblowers who can for example be sacked of their job or lose a trial for defamation and be financially condemned. One of the biggest judicial mistake highlights this problem and it was in 2003 when children and their parents charged people with sexual violence (Outreau trial). On one side we have to protect whistleblowers when they say the truth, but in the other side we can't always protect them as they can also lie. Do you believe whistleblowers are sufficiently protected under US law or is it still an act of tremendous courage to speak out?

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