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  1. Proof of evidence
  2. Memorandum regarding appropriate success fee for conditional fee agreement
    1. Merits and value of the claim
    2. Likelihood of settlement
    3. Estimation of costs
  3. Letter of claim
    1. The circumstances of the accident
    2. Description of the clients
  4. Part 36 offer
  5. Mark Jameson v Brian Platt
  6. Claim form
  7. Bibliography

My name is Mark Jameson and I live at 3, Grange Street, Sunderland, SR4 911. I am 23 years old and my date of birth is 6 March 1985. I am currently employed as a part time barman at the Gold Restaurant & Club. My duties involved serving customers, checking stock and clearing up the bar at close of business. My duties require me to stand for the majority of my shift and my salary is approximately £300 per month after tax. My place of work is approximately fifteen minutes walking distance from my home and on 27 June 2008, I decided to stay at work to have some drinks with my colleagues.

[...] Special Damages Loss of Income to Trial: Monthly Income £300 Months Incapacitated: 4 Calculation £300(monthly earnings) x 4(months unable to work) Total net loss of income General damages Pain and Suffering: £4000[19] Total £4000 OVERALL TOTAL £5200 AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS: Damages Interest pursuant to section 35A of the Supreme Court Act 1981. Dated: 3 February 2009 STATEMENT OF TRUTH I believe that the facts stated in these Particulars of Claim are true Signed The Claimant's Solicitors are [name and address] of where they will accept service of proceedings on behalf of the Claimants. BIBLIOGRAPHY Blackstones Civil Practice (2007). Oxford University Press. Brown, K & Catlow, M (2008). Civil Litigation. College of Law Publishing. Kemp and Kemp (Yearly) Quantum of Damages. [...]

[...] A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure 11th Edition Oxford University Publishing Civil Justice Council Report ?Calculating Reasonable Success Fees for RTA Claims? at Lord Woolf, Access to Justice, Final Report to the Lord Chancellor on the Civil Justice System of England and Wales (London HMSO) 1996. Pre-Action Protocol for Personal Injury claims is available at Civil Procedure Rules The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines available at Road Traffic Accidents Act 1988 Section of the Road Traffic Accident Act 1988. [...]

[...] PART 36 OFFER [name of Defendant] Our Ref Solicitors Your Ref Direct Fax Date 3 February 2009 BY FAX & DX WITHOUT PREJUDICE PART 36 OFFER DRAFT Dear Sirs mark jameson v brian platt This is a Part 36 Offer made under Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules and as such it has certain costs consequences. This Part 36 Offer relates to the whole of our client's claim against your client, includes any claim for costs and interest. For the reasons set out below, our client is confident that it will succeed in its claim ACCIDENT As set out in the letter of claim, our client was walking home from his place of work at approximately 11.55 pm. [...]

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