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Constitutional and administrative law

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  1. The national stability and security of citizens
  2. Equality before the law the rights of private persons
  3. A clear balance between powers
  4. International level

The rule of law' is a system of rule in which the relationship between the State and the individual is governed by the law, protecting the individual from arbitrary state action.The rule of law is better understood by translating it into French as 'primauté du droit'. Since the creation of the Constitutional Council in 1958, France can be fully described as an 'Etat de droit'. In the UK, the term 'rule of law' is especially important given that there is no codified Constitution against which the conduct of the Government can be judged. This principle has been found by Dicey, at the end of 19th century, who regarded the rule of law as one of the 'twin pillars of the Constitution', the other one being parliamentary sovereignty. However, this principle might be only utopian, theoretical hard to put into practice although it is one of the key dimensions that determines the quality and good governance of a country.

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