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Devolution in Scotland

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  1. Introduction
  2. The positive balance of the Euro in the last 10 years, and its key role in managing the recent crisis
  3. The future of the Euro
  4. However, the Euro currency is not as strong as one might suppose
  5. The future of the Euro - Conditioned by an increase in the economic convergence of the countries in the Euro area
  6. Conclusion

Devolution is one of the most important constitutional changes witnessed by the UK; it questioned the British foundations regarding the unity of the kingdom. In Scotland, despite the referendum accepting the establishment of devolution in 1979, the phenomenon was not successful. Unionists were staunchly opposed to devolution as they refused any delegation of powers. Is devolution Scotland's answer to the expectations or is it the source of more problems?

Devolution started in 1997, and is one of the most important constitutional changes that the UK has ever seen, questioning the foundations of the British regarding the unity of the kingdom. According to Thibaut de Berranger, devolution is "a process of transfer of legislative powers and/or executive of a political authority to an elected authority less dependent on a geographical basis and a legal framework defined in Westminster."

This willingness to implement the system in the United Kingdom emerged in the 1880s; this process has repeatedly failed, especially in Scotland, where, despite the Scottish referendum accepting the establishment of devolution in 1979, the new Prime Minister Thatcher abrogated the text when it came to power.

Tags: Devolution, Unionists, legislative power transfer, Scottish referendum

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