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Different approaches of the loss of nationality

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?Nationality' can be defined by a relationship between the State and an individual of the State. Nationality belongs to the people who constitute a State.

In an effort to avoid the state of ?statelessness', French law still makes the loss of French citizenship to the benefit of the individual. A French national cannot renounce their nationality if he does not have the safety of another nationality. It is also true for revocation, regardless of the severity of acts which justify the imposition of that penalty. The loss of French nationality/ citizenship is generally linked to the idea that the person is a citizen of another country.

The legislation has dealt with a number of cases in which citizenship was automatically lost, like in the cases of the marriage of a French woman to a foreigner or voluntary acquisition of foreign nationality.

Today, the loss of nationality is an official act, it is a statement , decree or decision made by the person. This system has the advantage of making this decision known to the public authorities and avoids surprises.There are now more cases of automatic loss of French nationality. The loss can only result from a declaration, order or decree.

What are the different ways by which one can lose French citizenship?

These ways are numerous and varied. Some of them are very difficult to interpret. The loss of French citizenship can be imposed on individuals or requested by the individual
Article 23 of the Civil Code provides the different cases by which one can lose their French citizenship.

The "imposed" loss of French nationality: This may be based on the behavior of the individual or the consequence of an extended stay abroad.
When an individual is disloyal to his country, his citizenship can be withdrawn.

The loss of nationality for behavior may be caused by the fact that the individual is behaving like a foreign national (Article 23-7 of the Civil Code) or If the individual refuses to give up a job abroad (Article 23 - 8 of the Civil Code)

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