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Analysis of the case of Marbury vs Madison - Introduction of the control of constitutionality in the United States

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In this document, we will study the case of Marbury vs. Madison and how it helped to establish the constitutional review in U.S. John Adams, the second President of the United States (1797-1801), was defeated by Thomas Jefferson in the election of November 1800.

During the last period of his mandate, many of his supporters occupied key positions in administration and justice, including William Marbury who was the justice of the District of Columbia for a period of 5 years. John Marshall was appointed as the Chief Justice, President of the Supreme Court.

However, as the Secretary of State, John Adams did not have time to return the deed of assignment to the person before the change of administration and after the period of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison was appointed to the position of Secretary of State and ordered him not to call this act to the recipient.

Considering his appointment as valid, Marbury asked the Supreme Court (chaired by John Marshall), to deliver to Madison an injunction "for surrender of his appointment.

Tags: U.S. constitutional review, U.S. case of Marbury v Madison, constitutionality in U.S.

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