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Can the President of the United States exercise control?

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The role of President in a democratic regime is to "govern". According to the Cornu legal vocabulary, it means to exercise an "activity to run the nation by ensuring the creation and management of public services which are necessary for the general interest and the police to prevent the activities of private [that are] exercised contrary to that interest. " He must act according to the general interest of his country and not for himself. The US follows a presidential regime. The executive is mono-cephalic; in other words, it is concentrated in the hands of one person.

However, the U.S. system is also characterized by the separation of powers, where the three branches are separate and totally independent of each other. We can also see that U.S. has widely applied the theory propagated by Montesquieu in his book ?The Spirit of Laws? in the eighteenth century. This theory assumed a strict separation of powers; the power was so broken up into three distinct aspects: the power of 'legislative' (attributed to a body of nobles), the power of "executive" held solely by the monarch and the power of "judiciary" held by the courts.

The President of the United States is primarily the chief executive, that is to say that he is responsible for managing the current policy of the state and is elected every four years by indirect universal suffrage - the voters vote for electors who in turn elect their representative.

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