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Development of the law in United States

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The development of the law in United States is a complex process. It was derived from the Constitution of 1787 and is based largely on a bicameral Congress of Benjamin Franklin. This was done at the federal level and the 50 federal states enjoyed a free organization of the capacities of the government organization without jeopardizing those of the federal state. In reality, the development of the law is the symbol of the ambiguity of the American political system. It is torn between the total separations of non-parliamentary powers.

In regard to the logic of Check and Balance, one might wonder who really holds the legislative power in the United States. In this context, we will study the development of law in the United States and how it recognizes the importance of Congress in both federal and state level. In the second step, we will see why this system of separation of powers is imperfect and bottlenecks that can result in the development of the law.

The House of Representatives is the lower house, representing the American people. It comprises 435 members elected for two years by direct universal suffrage, the FPTP to a turn, as part of internal electoral states. Each state is represented as a function of population size. It holds the initiative in financial matters but the Senate may amend or reject the proposals.

Tags: Benjamin Franklin, Constitution of 1787, law in the United States, The House of Representatives

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