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Biography of John Glover Roberts

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  1. Introduction
  2. The right to strike in Europe
    1. The right to strike and the European law
    2. Conditions the right to strike
    3. The effects of the strike
  3. Limiting the right to strike in Europe
    1. Limits depending on the status
    2. Limits of units
    3. Limits by sector
  4. The minimum service
    1. United Kingdom: An exception to the rule
    2. Spain and Portugal: A minimum service in the Constitution
    3. Italy: A minimum service for the respect of human rights
    4. France
    5. The countries of Eastern Europe : A minimum service to maintain the production process
  5. Conclusion

John Glover Roberts was born on January 27, 1955 in Buffalo which is located near the state of New York. He grew up in Indiana, in Long Beach and is, now married to Jane Sullivan. They have been married since 1996 and are both practicing Catholics.

Jane Sullivan Roberts is a lawyer in Washington and is part of an anti-abortion association called Feminists for Life. They have two adopted children, Josie and Jack. They live in Bethesda in the suburbs of Washington.

John G. Roberts is the current president of the Supreme Court. To better understand his ideas and his contribution to the political life of America, we must look at his schooling and career.

John G. Roberts studied at a Catholic boarding school. In 1976, he obtained his baccalaureate with "summa cum laude" which is a very prestigious distinction. Among his extracurricular activities, John G. Roberts was captain of his football team and was a member of the student council.

In 1979, he graduated with a law degree from Harvard with "magna cum laude? which is an equally significant distinction.

Tags- John Roberts, American Supreme Court, Jane Sullivan

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