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Counterterrorism theories and policy

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There are many options when combating terrorism. This form of combating terrorism, or counterterrorism, includes options such as retaliation, preemption, negotiation, covert military operation, special operations, prosecution and punishment. In the case of prosecution and punishment one can find a terrorist or terror group guilty of a crime and then are able to prosecute in a national or international court of law and punish to the fullest extent of that law befitting the crime committed. In using tactics such as military operations or military operations we are able to take any number of actions through any number of categories including preemptive and retaliation moves. These operations are primarily run out of military or special federal agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.

Retaliation is known primarily as a form of vengeance after an act of aggression is committed against the US in the form of terrorism. In this way the United States performs some kind of action categorized under ?counterterrorism? as a way of getting back at these groups or individuals for the damage they did not only to national security but also national pride. However, this has proven to be wildly unsuccessful in bringing about useful results over the course of many years.

[...] As a way of combatting foot traffic entrance by terrorist groups and individuals to the city and specifically the strip itself casinos should quickly and quietly be alerted to the chance of an attack so as to beef up private security as well as notifying them that city and county police presence will be greatly heightened on the outside of the premises at the very least. Those who are cooperative in allowing law enforcement on their property will also see a heightened law enforcement force within their casinos so as to protect from any attack. This form of monitoring and show of force should create enough deterrent to prevent any attack from occurring within the lines of the Las Vegas strip. At the same time the security alert of the nation should be heightened by at least one grade. [...]

[...] Blackburn, C. (2011, March 21). Top 8 American Terror Targets - Israeli Agent Warns America Morning Liberty Radio Program. Morning Liberty with TME Radio Host RJ - Robert A Hender Jr . Retrieved December from americanterror-targets-israeli-agent-warns-america/ Risk Assessment - CREATE. (n.d.). Homeland Security Center-National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events. [...]

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