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Organized crime: social scourge or auspicious atrocity

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  1. Peter Maas, author of The Valachi Papers, defines organized crime.
  2. A common negative association with organized crime.
  3. Organized crime is illegal, laws against the actions of participating in organized crime are often create.
  4. Another problem that might arise for a capofamiglia, and be interpreted as very negative.
  5. Shady business skills are an integral part of organized crime and its negative connotation.
  6. The Mafia can also be avaricious when they appear to be doing things generously.
  7. Secrecy is a huge factor of organized crime and Mafia life.
  8. Many families in organized crime by the end of The Godfather Returns want a lasting peace.
  9. The most important positive aspect of organized crime is that its members are extremely loyal.

As Gus Tyler once pointed out in his introduction to Organized Crime in America, ??Organized crime is a product and reflection of our national culture? (Maas xviii). However, when the words organized crime is mentioned in almost any situation, thoughts of filthy men in fedoras and trench coats carrying violin cases seem to spring to mind. With a negative correlation like this, it's no wonder that some authors like Mario Puzo, John Grisham, and Mark Winegardner have taken it upon themselves to put a positive?if not controversial?spin on organized crime. Although often associated with a negative connotation at some points of novels and in real life, organized crime is commonly portrayed in a positive light in overall literary presentations.

[...] Even when a major atrocity hasn't been committed, it seems that murder is in order. The two members of the firm that are talking to an associate of the F.B.I. are killed by the heads of firm security because they are giving away firm secrets and there needed to be retribution (Grisham 48). In this case, two people die because of a threat that they could pose somewhere in the distant future if left unchecked. This is just unnecessary violence that promotes the negative stereotype of typical, bloody organized crime. [...]

[...] The most important positive aspect of organized crime is that its members are extremely loyal and share a sense of brotherhood. there's trouble I'll stay to help. I owe it to the Godfather? (Puzo 124). Enzo, the son of a poor baker, stays at the hospital where he might get caught by the police and deported just so that he can protect the Godfather because it was he who got him citizenship in the United States. come in alive, and you go out dead? (Winegardner 74). [...]

[...] A common negative association with organized crime is the constant power struggle within each organization. The leader of any good crime family is known as the capofamiglia, literally translated to head of the family.? He gets a cut of whatever businesses the family members control and acts almost like a dictator The closest man to the capofamiglia is the consigliere: the boss's counselor. He advises the boss on all important pending decisions regarding family business (Puzo 49). Then, every other family member receives the orders from him in order that the capofamiglia cannot be accused of anything. [...]

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