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Punishment vs Rehabilitation for Criminals

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  1. Introduction
  2. Distinguishing punishment from vengeance
  3. Restoring Justice for the Juveniles
  4. Literature Review
  5. Impact of Punishment to the Criminals
  6. Distinguishing punishment from vengeance
  7. Rehabilitation
  8. Conclusion

In history, the citizen safety holds a fundamental priority in successive governments'policies protecting the basic human rights. Naturally, everyone is expected to respect the right calling for human safety at all places; walking along the street, relaxing at home or in public gatherings. For that reason, the government through the justice system and police unit responds swiftly each time the safety of human beings is threatened. For too long, human beings have overly relied on the criminal justice system to deliver that response: punishing offenders, protecting the public and reducing reoffending ( Ministry of Justice, 2010). However, despite the huge cost incurred in maintaining the prison services to manage offenders, the mechanism meant for breaking the cycle of crime is yet to win the battle. This does not condemn the prison department to total failure, but rather highlights the modern trend creating new victims from prolific criminals reoffending after their release from custody. Criminality affects the whole world no matter the level of connection; the society has the primary responsibility to fix the offender.

[...] Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of offenders. Retrieved June from nsultations/docs/breaking-the-cycle.pdf Beehive Forensics Institute. (2012, September). Rehabilitation Ought to be Valued about Retribution in the United states'Criminal Justice System. Retrieved June from Bolton, E. (2010). Social Impact Bonds: Unlocking Investment in Rehabilitation. Social Finance, 1-10. Brooks, T. [...]

[...] Retrieved June from Okonkwo, R. D. (2012, June 5). Prison Does Not Make Good Citizens. Retrieved June from Roberts, J. V., & Hough, J. M. (2005). Understanding Public Attitudes to Criminal Justice. [...]

[...] Ordinarily, adult prisons generate a violent environment unsuitable for the rehabilitation programs to produce positive transformation for the juveniles. This denies the young prisoners' time and receptive opportunity to gain insight into their personal lives regarding the current status. This subject the public safety to rooming danger of hardened criminals likely to reoffend since the prison environment has become part of youthful life spent in the hostile environment. The common scenario in the position of the law provisions suggests routine recognition of juveniles from mainstream adult treatment. [...]

[...] In support of that public view, application of the justice system through punishments demands awareness of which acts fit the classification of offenses. Similarly, the retributivist theory demands application of a criminal justice which grades the wrongs to identify which are punishable in accordance with their severity and complication. This brings the retribution and deterrent approaches at an interactive point where punishment as a basis for criminalizing behavior to prevent crime under a retribution principle check to ensure it is unbiased (Feinman, 2006). [...]

[...] J. (2009). An economic analysis of prison labor. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Crocker, C. B., & Kovera, M. B. (2009, July). The Effects of Rehabilitative Voir Dire on Juror Bias and Decision Making. Law Human Behavior, 212-226. [...]

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