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American police history

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  1. Police agencies in the United States
  2. Hiring practices of the general police force
  3. The federal anti-discrimination laws

In the foggy streets of London in 1829 a ruling made by British Parliament would change the system of policing around the world drastically and forever. This ruling was based upon the ideas of a man named Robert Peel, and these ideas are still the major basis for police in America today.

[...] This diversity has arguably helped to endear police in the eyes of the communities they protect. One study states that diverse police stations have an easier time relating to minority communities. The study showed that African-American cops are more likely to engage in supportive actions within a ?black' community than a Caucasian officer. This suggests that communities may have a more empathetic reaction and cultural understanding with officers who look like them and vice versa. However there are other studies which seem to dispute these findings. [...]

[...] (2011). The police in America (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc . DePillis, L. (2014). The Washington post. [...]

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