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Criminal law in European Democracy

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  1. Introduction
  2. Criminal law: A national response to harmful acts
  3. Prevention of crime
    1. Prevention through education and mass media
    2. Prevention: Punitive and social welfare approaches
  4. Repression of crime: Between the law and social actions
    1. Purpose of punishing
    2. The use of imprisonment and its alternatives
  5. Overview of criminal procedure
    1. Main stages of criminal procedure
    2. Court system and jurisdiction
  6. A multilateral cooperation in criminal matters
  7. European criminal justice
    1. European judicial system
    2. Forms of cooperation
  8. Development of an international criminal cooperation
    1. Recognition of the need for multilateral cooperation
    2. Cooperation within the framework of the Council of Europe
    3. Cooperation within the framework of the United Nations
  9. Development of international criminal policy
  10. Conclusion

Criminal law refers to the need of justice in a society. The European region is called as a continent in geographical terms. However on a broader sense Europe is the Western fifth of the Eurasian landmass of the European Union. Criminal policy in democratic states should encompass the prevention, prosecution and the repression of crime at a national level and also the notion of crime at a European and International level.

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