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Criminology and criminal justice system

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  1. The Prison System: All about individuals: deterrence and rehabilitation
    1. Does prison deter offenders or potential offenders from committing offences?
    2. Does prison help reform and rehabilitate offenders?
  2. Prison from the point of view of society; incapacitation and retribution
    1. Does prison make our society safer through incapacitation?
    2. Does prison satisfactorily meets society's call/need for retribution?
  3. What prison achieves, does it achieve it in a cost-effective manner?

This paper will discuss the following statement:"According to the White Paper Justice for All, the Government has succeeded in increasing prison capacity by 18 per cent, and has improved conditions inside prisons. £20 million has been invested to boost prisoners' learning facilities, and a further £42 million has been invested in the improvement of prison healthcare facilities. Moreover, the Criminal Justice Act of 2003 includes new provisions and fresh schemes, designed to introduce a series of new, innovative custodial sentences. But when all is said and done, does prison work?" The prison population in the UK has increased by more than 70% over the last decade. As a result, the spending on the prison system has recently been considerably boosted. This is the least the government can do to try to at least cope with the constant overcrowding. As more people are sent to prison to serve longer than ever sentences, the evidence in favor of prison must be made stronger and more foolproof by the day, for the sake of the 73,075 human beings in jail in 2004 , and to justify the £2.5bn spent each year on locking them up. It must also be proved that the 200 years we have spent developing the prison system as a better alternative to deportation have not gone to waste.

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