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"In sum, at night, young people seek excitement in cities, not safety": discuss the relationship between young people's leisure activities, crime and the fear of crime.

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  1. Young people's experiences of crimes: the facts
    1. Young people as offenders
    2. Witnessing crime and the victimisation of youth
  2. Reasons for offending: prosecuting the leisure habit
  3. The reaction of the society and the state to 'the lawless youth'

Young people's behaviors are seen as a catalyst of change in society; a vector for social and moral evolution. Usually our societies, which are often driven by a sense of cautious conservatism, are prudish or even resistant towards the attitude of the youth. Contrary to common perception juvenile delinquency has existed for a very long time and has ever raised a large amount of hostile concern among the witness citizens. As Pearson puts it, "youth cultures and youth crimes assume the appearance of ever increasing outrage and perpetual novelty". He goes on to give us one of the first instances of historic "young offenders" in London in 1625. Thus offending by the youth, and the consecutive reactions of the society, are not, and has never been a recent phenomenon. The Last century saw successive waves of concerns for what was seen as youthful lawlessness. Different subcultures that belonged to the young section of the population were described and demonized, where in fact none of them were involved any criminal activity at all. However, young people were, and still are seen as disruptive and dangerous. The association of youth and crime seems obvious and results in widespread defiance in society, and is fast becoming a mere prejudice. The different forms of leisure, and the most natural behavior expected from children, have now often been turned into a form of delinquency. Is the link between young people's criminality, their leisure and the fear of crime really justified or is the youth just an easy scapegoat?

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