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Issues related to gun control

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  1. Introduction: History of gun control in Canada
  2. Smuggling of guns
  3. Gun laws in Canada vs. America
  4. Important cases and events
  5. Conclusion
  6. End notes

Did you know that Canada has more guns per house than the United States? This is actually because Canada has a lot more hunting guns than the States, but they have more hand guns and more dangerous guns then we do. Gun Control in Canada has been a very controversial subject in the past few years for Canadians and also other countries around the world, like the United States. The first law passed involving Gun control was in 1892, when the Criminal Code of Canada required individuals to have a permit to carry a pistol. Canada has always had stricter gun control laws then the United States, and a lower criminal offence rate, but a higher suicide rate . This essay will focus on the history of gun control in Canada, smuggling of guns into Canada, gun control laws in Canada vs. the United States, recent gun control controversy, and events where guns were a major problem, like the Montreal Massacre, and the United States vs. Miller case.

[...] This legislation included even more strict conditions for owning a gun, what kind of gun you had, what you used your gun for and your criminal history. In 1995 the Canadian government passed the Firearms Act, Bill C-68, which made a universal firearm registration. When this bill was introduced into parliament out of the 4 other parties were strongly against it. The Reform, Conservatives, and NDP were against it while the Liberal Party and the Quebecois, were for it. Quebec strongly supported gun control, because of the experience at Montreal, and was allowed to run a separate firearm registration. [...]

[...] Stockwell Day said his government feels the best way to combat gun violence in Toronto is to increase the number of police officers in the city, implement tough jail terms for gun crime, and have strict border security that will ensure illegal guns do not cross into Canada. He has promised to hire 2500 more police, but according to David Miller, this has not occurred yet. Conclusion Gun control in Canada and the United States has been an issue that has had many problems. [...]

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