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Principles and Practices of Consumer's Protection within the European Union

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  1. The principles of the consumer protection . An overview of EU policy
    1. Institutional background
    2. Current priorities
    3. Financial support of EU consumer policy
  2. The consumer protection in practice selected examples of EU achievements
    1. Consumer safety
    2. Protection of consumer' s economic and legal interests
    3. Consumer information

The objective of the European Union is to protect the health, safety and the economic well-being of its citizens. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the EU to promote the right to information, help in safeguarding the interests and encourage the member states to set up consumer associations. The Consumer policy is designed to improve the quality and the lifestyle of all European citizens. The European Union ensures that consumer interests are built into the EU legislation so that all the 450 million citizens can benefit from the consumer protection act at the same level. It should be noted that legislation is not the only means by which the 450 million citizens across the EU terrain can be protected. New and innovative methods have been introduced and are being implemented. Some of these methods include good practice guidelines and strong consumer organizations. Each European consumer must have sufficient information which is accurate prior to entering into any purchasing contract. Further, the consumer must be able to rely on clear legal rights when transactions are jeopardized. The first programme for consumer information and protection was adopted in 1975. Ever since the adoption of this programme, the EU consumer policy has been constantly under review and is evolving with new policies to protect the consumer rights.

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