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Environment protection initiatives by the European Union

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  1. Environment action programs of the European Union
    1. Steps in the direction of conservation
    2. The packaging of substances and its provisions
    3. Paris Summit
    4. The environmental protection in the Treaty
    5. The introduction of a new consensus-oriented approach
  2. The climate change
  3. Conservation and bio diversity
  4. Health and and quality of life
  5. Sustainable use of natural resources and waste management
  6. Legislative instruments
    1. The fight against pollution related to transport
    2. Protection of nature and bio-diversity
  7. Techno-economic instruments of the environment policy
    1. Environment conservation and business in the European union
    2. The European Ecolabel
  8. The financial instruments of this policy
    1. Environmental taxes
    2. Structural funds and EIB (European Investment Bank)
  9. Conclusion

Environment policy is one of the greatest social challenges faced by governments and Businesses today. This is due to the rise in awareness of the impact of the environment on public health and welfare. The need for environmental conservation gave rose to a series of Community initiatives internationally. The European Union, however, was criticized for putting trade interests before the need for environmental conservation. In response to this criticism, the Treaty on European Union upgraded concern for the environment to a community policy rather than merely a community action. Steps in the direction of Conservation were taken by the EU as early as 1967. Chemical legislation is one of the oldest in the EU. In 1967 EU adopted the directive on the classification, packaging and labeling of dangerous substances with the main aim of protecting the environment and improving public health conditions.

[...] It endeavored to create a comprehensive strategy for protecting the environment and natural resources in the European Community. Focus shifted from pollution control to pollution prevention and the concept of environmental protection was broadened to include land-use planning and the integration of environmental concerns into other EC policies. The plan emphasized the pros and cons of environmental policies with respect to the internal market and established a link between the markets and environmental policies. These policies thus became the key drivers for market activities. [...]

[...] Environmental taxes The European Commission encouraged the imposition of environmental taxes by States. Taxes were imposed on pollutant emissions and on products such as pesticides or gasoline. The amount of revenue collected was to be used to fund particular activities related to protection of the environment. B. The Structural Funds and EIB (European Investment Bank) The Structural Funds were intended to promote development of all European regions to avoid large gaps in wealth. Since 1993, they were more closely related to the environment. [...]

[...] One of the objectives of the European Union was to prevent an overall increase in noise and at the same time, try to reduce aircraft noise to improve the acoustic environment. A directive of the European Parliament and Council in 2002 ?Access' deals with the sustainable development of air transport to reduce noise. The text calls for the use of more environmentally efficient aircrafts and lays down rules for the prohibition of the noisiest aircrafts in European airports. Sensitive airports, namely those that record over 50,000 movements per year, or city airports may require more stringent standards on noise pollution Air pollution. [...]

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