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Case studies of international disagreements

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  1. The opportunity of Japanese buyers
    1. How making bussiness with Japanese Buyers?
    2. What is your conduct if a buyers shows interest in purchasing large quantities?
    3. What terms might the agreement contain?
    4. What factors might influence the selection of a choice of law clause?
    5. What other precautions should you take?
  2. The soda arrived in Bombay 6 months late
    1. Was Colorado Fuel liable for damages?
    2. Does it matter that Colorado Fuel may have known that a strike was imminent?
    3. As a business person what would you have done prior to the strike to mitigate damages?
  3. The United Nations, The International Court of Justice, The World Trade Organization, NAFTA, The European Union
    1. Find information about the following organizations
    2. Would the organization have any effect on the way in which your business conducts international business? Why?
  4. A business of current computer technology
    1. What business forms are available to this business for acquiring sophisticated computer technology?
    2. What are the advantages and problems inherent in the various options?
  5. The Coca-Cola Company brought a trademark infringement action against Koke Should
    1. Coco-Cola win in its lawsuit?
    2. Why or Why not?

You are the vice president of sales for The Pillow International Inc., a French manufacturer of bed pillows. The raw materials needed for making pillows are all sourced from suppliers overseas. Your firm purchases feathers from exporters in China who maintain large flocks of geese and ducks for breeding. Cotton ticking and other textiles are purchased from mills in Germany. Every year you show your products at the International Bed Show in New York. This year, a delegation of Japanese buyers, representing several well-known Tokyo stores, showed interests in your best quality pillows. The president of your firm expressed interest in these contacts because although Europeans use the same old pillow forever, the Japanese are fussy about their bedding. You followed up with sample, product, and pricing information. After several discussions and months of correspondence, you now expect to be receiving your first overseas orders.

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