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Difficulties of application of international law – Example of the Cambodia genocide

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Historical context and birth of the Khmer Rouges.
    1. Birth of the movement.
    2. Ideology.
    3. Seizure of power.
    4. The Khmer Rouges regime.
    5. The end of the Khmer Rouges.
  3. Requirements for the crimes considered by the international criminal law.
    1. Crimes against humanity.
    2. War crimes.
    3. The crime of aggression.
    4. The crime of genocide.
  4. The juridic problems of the Cambodia's 'politicide'.
    1. Explanation on the choice of the word 'politicide'.
    2. Can the 'Cambodia's politicide' be considered as an international crime?
  5. Possible solutions to end the conflict by judge the responsible.
    1. The creation of a 'truth commission'.
    2. A more logical interpretation of the definition of the crime of genocide.
    3. The current Special Tribunal for Cambodia.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

This paper will show to the reader the difficulties which can appear in practice concerning the international criminal law. Indeed, several problems can occur. First of all, one has to know what the aim of the international criminal law is and we have to define what is the international criminal law. This kind of law is provided to contribute to the deterrence of major crimes and the protection of humanity . The crimes aimed for, in this international perspective, are the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression . The international terrorism is not, until today, included in the ICC (International Criminal Court) Statute. International criminal law knew its beginning after the World War one, especially with the tribunals of Nuremberg and Tokyo . Despite the numerous conflicts around the world, the international criminal law did not know a real progress before the last years.

[...] Chapter IV Possible solutions to end the conflict by judge the responsible The creation of a ?truth commission? We can also points out that, among others temporaries solutions, while responsible for bringing such a holocaust upon the Cambodian peoples can no longer be held accountable or brought to justice, the international community can hold a ?truth commission? that would bring to light the horrific events of the past and help Cambodia bring about an atmosphere of reconciliation and hope for the future. [...]

[...] A more logical and expand interpretation and definition of the international crime of genocide should thus be a good reform in international criminal law to protect some groups which are or were very vulnerable and to punish the responsible The current Special Tribunal for Cambodia Nearby thirty years after the Cambodia's genocide, an international court will howsoever try to judge some of the former leaders of the Khmer Rouges. However, even the Organization of the United Nations are a little bit doubtful about the outlet of such a case. [...]

[...] However, for him, he was never responsible or accountable of anything, he transferred the responsibility of unsuccess on his party, and that was a new reason to kill people through purgation in his party The end of the Khmer Rouges In January 1979, Vietnam invaded Cambodia to stop the Regime of Khmer Rouges. Invasion began in December 1978 and the city of Phnom Penh (shadow city because cleaned of its population since 1975) was into the hands of Vietnam the 7 of January 1979. [...]

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