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Discuss the analysis and significance of the abduction and trial of Eichmann from an international law perspective, with reference to legal writing

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  1. The abduction of Adolf Eichmann from Argentina to Israel: 'the fruit of the poisonous tree'
    1. The Facts
    2. Their Justification
  2. Procedural and substantive aspects of the trial: how the Eichmann trial launched a rich debate on many International criminal law issues
    1. The Jurisdiction of the Israeli ad hoc court
    2. Nature of the Law applied, line of defence and procedural issues

First, we will discuss whether the principle known as "the fruit of the poisonous tree? in the United States must be applied to the abduction of Adolf Eichmann or not. The violation of International law was "clear? according to Louis Henkin in 1968 but one cannot deny that the end justifies the means . Then, the trial has to be analyzed in both procedural and substantive terms. The jurisdiction of the Israeli court, the nature of the law it applied and the fairness of the proceedings will be brought into focus. Eventually, the topicality of the case will be highlighted.

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