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The individual in international law

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  1. Introduction
  2. The 1960s
  3. The 1990s
  4. The 2000s
  5. Conclusion

The concept of Public international law began to serve the individual. ?Jus gentium' or the ?law of the nations' was the first real emergence of international law.

International law really began way back when the countries of Europe began discovering the rest of the world and wondered how they could deal with these new territories in a fair way. The international laws that emerged during this time was an oral record. It was not until 1648 and the Treaty of Westphalia that international law was actually written down. It may be noted that the creation of International law sped up during and after the industrial revolution.

International laws seemed to minimize the significance of the individual. So, we saw the emergence of international organizations like the Red Cross who ensured that the individual was taken care of and given assistance in various fields. Also the late nineteenth century saw the beginning of peaceful settlements of conflicts.

Tags - international law, Jus gentium, the law of the nations

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