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The politics of international Human Rights Law

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  1. The essay question
  2. April 2008
  3. Conceptualizing Human rights: universality and indivisibility
  4. Points of contention in the Human rights debate

The point of this essay is the observation of Human rights concerning some currents issues of International relations and social and political disorder; for example, in Tibet where it has been thought that the enforcement of some standards of Human rights would protect the Tibetans from the suffering which they endure and bring them closer to political independence. Countries such as Cuba and China draw attention from the international community on their practice and their lack of protection of Human rights, the dominant view being that these countries are abusers. However conceptually it is imperative to understand Human rights definition and protection. As other international and national events will demonstrate Human rights, while been notionally desirable, understood and seen as practically important; is consumed by a philosophical debate which pervades the literature on Human rights protection and promotion. This essay is thus concerned with assessing the various perspectives in this debate on Human rights and their implications for the promotion, protection, greater compliance and enforcement of Human rights and fundamental freedoms for all. It also seeks to highlight and discuss the increasing gaps between theory and practice of the indivisibility and universality of Human rights.

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