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To what extent may gender-based crimes be considered an issue of international security?

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  1. Causes and symbolism of gender-based crimes
    1. The power of propaganda
    2. The aims of gender-based crimes
  2. Consequences of gender-based crimes
    1. Consequences for the victims
    2. Consequences for society
  3. Condemnation of gender-based crimes
    1. Rules of international Law
    2. Effectiveness of international law

"Rape remains the least condemned war crime; throughout the history, the rape of hundreds of thousands of women and children in all regions of the world has been a bitter reality."
In the context of this statement, the term "gender-based crimes" refers to crimes committed against people because of their socially constructed roles as women, men, girls or boys. Gender-based crimes include crimes of sexual violence, such as rape and sexual slavery, but are not restricted to these crimes. Gender is manipulated to serve as a weapon and even if being female is a risk factor, gender-based crimes are of concern to both men and women. However, it is an unfortunate fact that women and girls tend to be the most targeted for gender-based crimes, especially for sexually violent crimes. There are more documented crimes towards women than towards men. For this reason, the examples given in this paper, especially those concerning rape will focus principally on gender-based crimes directed towards women.

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