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Approval procedures relating to international adoption in France, Italy and Spain

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  1. Introduction
  2. The 1960s
  3. The 1990s
  4. The 2000s
  5. Conclusion

There are two major differences in the procedures for approval of adoption in Spain, Italy and France.

First of all, Italy is different from France and Spain. In France, issuing approvals for adoption is managed by the General Council of the Department of applicants for adoption at the DASS. The approval must first go to the President of the General Council of the department, one need only submit a short letter stating his/her desire to adopt.

The General Council then sends some documents, including statistics on the subject of adoption in France and abroad. There must be a response to this e-mail in order to confirm your desire to proceed with the adoption. The General Council then calls the applicant to inform him/her about the procedures that are related to adoption. At this meeting, each prospective adopter receives a dossier that is to be completed and a list of documents that need to be submitted.

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