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English law

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  1. Introduction
  2. The right to strike in Europe
    1. The right to strike and the European law
    2. Conditions the right to strike
    3. The effects of the strike
  3. Limiting the right to strike in Europe
    1. Limits depending on the status
    2. Limits of units
    3. Limits by sector
  4. The minimum service
    1. United Kingdom: An exception to the rule
    2. Spain and Portugal: A minimum service in the Constitution
    3. Italy: A minimum service for the respect of human rights
    4. France
    5. The countries of Eastern Europe : A minimum service to maintain the production process
  5. Conclusion

The English law has its origins in the common law. These laws are imbued with both - a flexibility that enables rapid decision making and originality. But both these characteristics have a legal severity.
In this paper we will give you an introduction to English law. We will go through the origin and modes of operation of the English authorities through the various fields and branches of the law.

We will look at first the structure and sources of the English law and analyze the contract law and company laws. We will end with a discussion of the major branches of the English law.

1)Structure and Sources of the English Law:
English law is governed by two main structures: the common law which is considered to be restrictive and formalistic, in purely collective response and are more suited to the daily needs of the population. It overcomes the shortcomings and rigidities of the common law.

Tags - the English Law, Structure and branches of the English law, The Common Law

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